At the very heart of the community

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The AFC Fylde Community Foundation was formed in June 2013, when the Director of Community Development Tom Hutton was brought on board to build the community department within the club. This involved creating links with key partnership organisations such as BAE Systems and many more.

The Foundation strives to provide the best level of service to all residents on the Fylde Coast, whilst also creating links between the Foundation and the Football Club.

As ever there has been plenty to shout about recently, including a new initiative with the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire and The Fylde Community Safety Partnership, to help break the cycle of repeat offending in the region.

The Fylde Reintegration and Rehabilitation programme aims to ensure that offenders are provided with the best possible chance to integrate into society by opening the door to new opportunities and dedicated support.

Clive Grunshaw, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire, said: “One of the key priorities of my Police and Crime Plan is to tackle crime and re-offending. That is why I have allocated money from my budget to support local initiatives that aim to tackle these issues at the heart of communities across Lancashire.”

“The Foundation’s dedication to making lives better within the local community means that they are perfectly placed to support the delivery of my Police and Crime plan objectives and I am happy to be able to support the great work they do.”

The Foundation is also working with primary schools across the Fylde Coast to educate more than 700 children about the effects of bullying, with its Sticks and Stones project.

One school which has already benefited from the campaign is Heyhouses Primary School, in Lytham St Anne’s. The anti-bullying project recently visited year 6 pupils to educate them about all aspects of bullying, including coping strategies and restorative approaches.

Cheryl Holland, Y6 teacher at Heyhouses Primary School, said: “We were thrilled to take part in the Sticks and Stones project. It is a great way to prepare our pupils for any challenges they may face when they make such a huge transition to secondary school. Giving pupils the opportunity to express their feelings through art helps them to think about issues laterally and reach conclusions together.”

Kirkham’s streets paved with Mill Farm gold!

Chell Beckett

The owners of Mill Farm Sports Village have provided £110k to Fylde Council, which is currently being used to support improvements to Kirkham town centre.

Public realm improvement in the centre of Kirkham has been an ongoing project and previous phases of works have had a significant, beneficial impact on improving the environment within the town centre. The money provided by Mill Farm Sports Village will contribute to Phase 2 of this scheme, which includes general street work, paving and new signage.

Owner of the Mill Farm development, David Haythornthwaite, said: “This funding is part of Mill Farm’s commitment to the local area and part of our planning obligation so we’re pleased to know it will go towards further economic and social improvements to our community.

“Mill Farm Sports Village is already set to rejuvenate the Fylde coast, providing an excellent facility for the local community to enjoy, and to know this £110k will also support further enhancements to the area is great news.”

Councillor Keith Beckett said: “This funding provides us with a much needed resource to help upgrade Kirkham. This type of funding is vital to us with all the cuts at the moment and a lot of the money now has to come from planning applications and such like.

“If we can put this towards a good cause where people can physically see the good work that is going on, then it’s all the more beneficial to the town and everybody else involved.

“We are always keen to improve our town for the local community and funding like this helps us achieve that, so we are very grateful.”

Mill Farm welcomes Springfields Hockey Club


Springfield Hockey Club chairman Chris Hills admits he cannot wait to move to Mill Farm after the club became the latest member of the sports and leisure complex.

The club, currently based in Preston, offers teams for men, women, boys and girls with a strong focus on youth development. The move to Mill Farm will provide the club with international standard playing facilities and to mark the move the club will be renamed Fylde Hockey Club.

Chris said: “We are very excitedabout the move to Mill Farm. The new clubhouse and social facilities will enhance morale both on and off the pitch which will ultimately lead to a more successful club.

“We have been looking for a home for a while now as we have been somewhat of a nomadic club, moving from place to place. This gives us a new identity, a new name and it should prove an exciting new start for us. We are proud to be part of the Fylde brand name and we see it as a big step forward.

“All the best hockey clubs in the country have a clubhouse alongside the pitch. Hockey is a very social sport – it isn’t just about playing a game and then going home.

“We are also looking to expand our junior section. As a club we currently go into three schools delivering coaching sessions and hopefully with the help of the AFC Fylde Community Foundation we can build on that.”

The club’s Ladies’ first team currently plays in the Investec Women’s Hockey League Conference North, the second tier of English hockey, while the men play in the Barrington Sports North West Hockey League Division 4N.

Owner of the Mill Farm development, David Haythornthwaite, said: “We are very pleased to welcome Springfields Hockey Club to the Fylde family. The partnership made perfect sense as the club shares our commitment to developing young talent and promoting a sense of community spirit.”

“The all-round improvement in facilities both on and off the pitch will take the club to a new level.

“Fylde hockey will become a very important part of helping us build the Fylde brand and as with the football club we are very ambitious.

“Our aim is for both the ladies and men’s team to play at the very highest level of English hockey. There is no reason why, with the right investment that can’t be achieved and I will be doing everything I can to help the club to progress to the next level.”