Kirkham’s streets paved with Mill Farm gold!

Chell Beckett

The owners of Mill Farm Sports Village have provided £110k to Fylde Council, which is currently being used to support improvements to Kirkham town centre.

Public realm improvement in the centre of Kirkham has been an ongoing project and previous phases of works have had a significant, beneficial impact on improving the environment within the town centre. The money provided by Mill Farm Sports Village will contribute to Phase 2 of this scheme, which includes general street work, paving and new signage.

Owner of the Mill Farm development, David Haythornthwaite, said: “This funding is part of Mill Farm’s commitment to the local area and part of our planning obligation so we’re pleased to know it will go towards further economic and social improvements to our community.

“Mill Farm Sports Village is already set to rejuvenate the Fylde coast, providing an excellent facility for the local community to enjoy, and to know this £110k will also support further enhancements to the area is great news.”

Councillor Keith Beckett said: “This funding provides us with a much needed resource to help upgrade Kirkham. This type of funding is vital to us with all the cuts at the moment and a lot of the money now has to come from planning applications and such like.

“If we can put this towards a good cause where people can physically see the good work that is going on, then it’s all the more beneficial to the town and everybody else involved.

“We are always keen to improve our town for the local community and funding like this helps us achieve that, so we are very grateful.”